VillainSound may be able to offer you some incentives such as Preferred Supplier Rates, Introductory Rates, Location & Post Bundles, Large Scale Rates and Not-For-Profit Rates. Click here to see some of those specifics, or Contact Nathaniel to discuss what might best suit you. 


Zaxcom Nomad 10 channel Mixer/Recorder

Zaxcom Maxx 6 Channel Mixer/Recorder

Zaxcom High Definition Dual Channel Wireless Camera Link with Timecode

Sony Dual Channel ENG Camera Link

Zaxcom Wireless Boom Transmitters

Zaxcom Body Pack Transmitters

Lectrosonics Body Pack Transmitters

Sony Body Pack Transmitters

Tentacle Timecode Units

Ambient Digital Timecode slates

Zaxcom Wireless Timecode and Audio scratch Camera Links

Zaxcom Wireless IFB Audio Monitoring Units

Sanken Cos-11 Lav heads

DPA 6060 lav heads

DPA 4017 Shotguns

DPA 4018 Cardiods

Rode NTG3 & Sennheiser Shotguns  




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