Villain Sound is a vibrant, professional and creative solution for all of your media audio needs  .


The business was founded by life-long audio devotee Nathaniel Watkins, who has been pushing a record button since early childhood. From discovering that he could achieve better sound for his radio plays with the use of blankets, to a decade in music creation, production and engineering, Nathaniel turned this enthusiasm for sound to professional production. Nathaniel is now a seasoned veteran of the industry and Villain Sound is well-established with dozens of happy clients that attest to its dual nature of its relaxed professional style, while upholding an unerring dedication to product excellence. Villain Sound's location and post equipment is industry world class.

Villain Sound has very high standard for on set and client facing work, and as such all employees are trained and contracted to uphold a completely non-discriminatory and  healthy workspace. We strongly believe that everyone has the right to be treated with respect and be comfortable and happy in their workspace.

 We also ensure that associated requirements such as Public Liability Insurance, Working with Children Checks (WWCC),  driver's licences etc. are current and available. 


Villain Sounders


Nathaniel watkins founder senior .jpg

Nathaniel Watkins
Founder,  Senior Location and post