Location sound

  • Location Recording capabilities for all media productions

  • Boom Operation, location mixing

  • Pre-recorded or live to broadcast

  • A range of kits to suit all projects

  • National & International travel-ready

FlexiBility AND clarity

Villain Sound can streamline your production needs from location through to post as we have extensive experience on both sides.

We can create flexible packages tailored to your production as we have Senior and Junior technicians for both Location and Studio Audio Post work- to help you spend where you have to, and save where you can.



  • Compliance Mixing for TV

  • Sound Design

  • Cleaning and Editing

  • ADR & VO

  • World class foley libraries & creation

  • Up to date systems & technologies



Contact  - Nathaniel Watkins

Phone (+61) (0) 422 104 553

VillainSound may be able to offer you some incentives such as Preferred Supplier Rates, Introductory Rates, Location & Post Bundles, Large Scale Rates and Not-For-Profit Rates. Contact Nathaniel to discuss what might best suit you. 


Zaxcom Nomad 10 channel Mixer/Recorder

Zaxcom Maxx 6 Channel Mixer/Recorder

Zaxcom High Definition Dual Channel Wireless Camera Link with Timecode

Sony Dual Channel ENG Camera Link

Zaxcom Wireless Boom Transmitters

Zaxcom Body Pack Transmitters

Lectrosonics Body Pack Transmitters

Sony Body Pack Transmitters

Tentacle Timecode Units

Ambient Digital Timecode slates

Zaxcom Wireless Timecode and Audio scratch Camera Links

Zaxcom Wireless IFB Audio Monitoring Units

Sanken Cos-11 Lav heads

DPA 6060 lav heads

DPA 4017 Shotguns

DPA 4018 Cardiods

Rode NTG3 & Sennheiser Shotguns  




A selection of Showreel Highlights showcasing just a few of the VillainSound skills. Please Scroll below for some extra recent credits. 


Location Sound Recording - Whole Season

Location Sound Recording

Location recording and audio post

Location recording

Location Recording

Location recording.

Location sound recording.

Sound design.

Location sound record, post design and mix.

Location audio recording, sound design and mix.

Sound design, mix.

Location sound recording, sound design and mix.

Location recording.

Location recording and broadcast compliant mix.

Location sound recording, sound design and mix.

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A brief selection of Villainsound Credits, 

Feature Film


Nekrotronic for Hopscotch - Andrew Mason Head of Sound Department , Sound Recordist, 2017

Ravenswood for Ravenswood Productions Pty Ltd. Location Recording, Boom Operation, Post sound design, Edit and Mix. 2017

Body In the Yard for The Lake Merewether Film Co Pty Ltd Location Sound Recording, Boom Operation 2016

Crushed for Brim Pictures Boom Operation, Sound Recording, 2015

Wyrmwood for Guerrilla Films Head of Sound Department, Boom Operation, Sound Recording 2014

Final Move for CineGear Productions.  Post sound design, Edit and Mix 2013

TV, Reality / Factual / Lifestyle Television

Mr Inbetween Season 2 for FX NETWORK - 10 eps (whole season) Location recording 2019

Hanging With ( DISNEY )  VARIOUS - Location recording 2018

Destination NSW VARIOUS - Location recording and audio post - 2018

Channel 9 sports VARIOUS  - location recording 2018

School Spectacular for Channel 7, Location Recording 2017 - 2018

Officially Amazing (Australian Content) for BBC 4, Location Recording 2017

Worlds Greatest Bridges (Australian Content), BBC 5, Location Recording 2017

Disney Channel Episodes Location Recording 2017

Come Dine With Me for Shakespeare, 42 Eps, Location Recording. Internationally Broadcast Reality Series 2017

Make a Wish with Alex Perry Episode Location Recording 2017

Coke Flash Mob Web Episode, Location Recording 2017

Best Trick Ever Series of 2, Location Recording 2017

Bondi Ink Tattoo Crew for Unbreakable Intl. Season 2 with 10 episodes, Location Recording. 2016

#7 Days Later for ABC, Location Recording

Strange Calls for ABC, Pilot Episode,Location Recording

News Sports & ENG Spring Carnival Lead-up Location Recording 2017

Channel 7 World Cup Rugby Promo Location Recording 2017

Emirates Umpire Promo Location Recording 2017

Television Commercial


QV Skincare - Location Recording - 2018

ANCAP - Location recording and Audio Post - 2018

Hello fresh  - Location recording - 2018

Law Partners - Post Audio

Lawn Solutions - Sausage  Location Recording

ITP - What We Do Best Location Recording and Audio Post 

Karuze  -  Post 

Lumia 1020 Small Business Location Recording 

Nokia Lumina 1020 Location Recording and Post

MasterCard Location Recording

Achacha  Audio Post

Swing Thing Audio Post

Top Trumps Sound Design and Audio Post

Morris Janks  Location Recording and Audio Post

Housemate Finder LocationRecording and Ausio Post

Live Mixing

The Start-Up Show Location Recording and Live Mixing

Semi-Permanent with Oliver Stone Location Recording and Live Mixing

Corporate Promotion & Training


Business Online 1 & 2 for Director Adam Boys ADR and Foley, Mixing and Editing, Score

Explode Doritoes for Director Adam Boys  Sound Design, Mix

Nutrimetics for Producer Ahmed Salama  Boom Operation, Location Recording 

Schneider PES for Producer Adrien Hyde Location Recording

Accor Hotels for Producer: Ahmend Salama  Boom Operation, Sound Recording 

Stella (WestPac) for Producer: Ahmed Salama  Boom Operation, Sound Recording

Johnston & Johnston for Producer: James Carr - Greenlight Media  Boom operation, Sound Recording 

DTZ Extraordinary Campaign for DLSHS Location recording, Boom operation 

Law @ UWS for DLSHS  Location Recording, Boom Operation

Media Federation Interview for Jimmy Hyett Location Sound Recording, Boom Operation 

NSW Nursing” for Studio 33 Location Recording. 

Screenwise Showreel for Cinegear  Boom Operation, Sound Recording



"Nekromancer" & "Wyrmwood TV" Teaser Trailers for Producer Tristan Roach Turner & Guerrilla Films, Location Recording

Maximum Rush for Director Aaron Bishop Editing and Mixing, Original Theme Score,  Soundtrack 

Adult Learning for Director Ursula Lane-Mullins  Audio post 

Phill’s Gym for Corin Storkey Audio Post, Soundtrack, ADR. 

UnNatural Selection for Director Damian Dyke Boom Operation, Sound Recording